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To order the book "Les Familles de Hottviller de 1667 a 1910" by JAKOBS M. Louise, from France.
Estimated book cost + exchange + fees is > $110 american.  See below for WESTERN UNION INFO.
   To get book cost, copy the French/English order form to email, fill in, send the form to: 

   JAKOBS Marie Louise <rml.jacobs(AT)wanadoo(DOT)fr>
__________________________________________________________ begin order form

Libre BON DE COMMANDE (Book Order Form)

Je souhaite commander      exemplaires de votre livre
I would like to order ____ copies of your book

"Les Familles de Hottviller de 1667 … 1910"

Merci d'indiquer le prix du/des livre(s)  :
Please indicate cost of book(s):          ________ euros

Merci d'indiquer les frais d'envoi        :
Please indicate cost of shipping:         ________ euros

Co–t total du/des livre(s) + frais d'envoi :
Total cost for book(s) + shipping:         ________ euros

A exp‚dier par WESTERN UNION, payable en euros :
To be sent via WESTERN UNION, payable in euros :


Merci d'exp‚dier cette commande … : Veuillez
     ‚crire l'adresse EXACTE du destinataire
Please send to: Print EXACTLY as to be labeled

Nom et Pr‚nom/Name :

Adresse/Address    :

Code postal        :
Ville/City         :
Postal code        :

Pays/Country       :
__________________________________________________________ end order form

One way to send money to FRANCE, go to:
select Online Send Money
select a country to send FROM: i.e. United States
select "Send Money in Minutes"
fill in info needed etc.

First Name: Marie Louise
Last Name : JAKOBS
Country   : FRANCE

Amount to be Received:  ??  Euros

Complete/send the form/payment info.
You will receive a confirmation with an MTCN.
Send JAKOBS an email with the MTCN.
She can pick it up at ANY La POSTE in France.
She will mail the book to the address provided.
I used this form.  It worked.  Enjoy.  David.